ES&M are working with Credere Solutions to help UK SME’s maximise Tax Relief Claims

ES&M are happy to announce their collaboration with Credere Solutions, a leading Research & Development Tax Rebate/Credit company, run by Bev Hopper. Bev works with tax specialists to identify raw R&D costs SME’s can offset against tax and receive tax relief or a refund.

R&D Tax Rebates and Credits are nothing new but what Credere Solutions offer is nothing short of impressive. Very often Bev and her specialist team can facilitate the identification of raw costs which organisations had either missed or were not aware could be included as R&D activity. Through deep dive audits, tax relief claims can rocket from 10’s of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Pounds. For less profitable and smaller organisations, it can eliminate their corporation tax liability or see them obtain a refund.

For example:

Client’s original R&D tax relief claim: £30,000
Credere Solutions auditors identify further raw costs of: £64,000 +
Tax Relief obtained from HMRC after 130% accelerator: Circa £200,000

One of the benefits of working with Credere Solutions is that they will often identify raw costs that organisations have not considered as relevant or eligible for R&D tax relief, for example, the installation, trialling, and commissioning of a new CRM system. What might your company be missing out of your tax relief claim?

Involving Credere Solutions and their tax experts can minimise time, maximises savings and ensures you have a watertight tax relief/credit claim, which is important following the introduction of the latest HMRC Anti Abuse Law!

To learn more about how you might receive R&D Tax Relief or Refund contact:

Charles Firbank:
Bev Hopper: