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We are neither the first nor the largest company that offers Sourcing and Manufacturing services in Asia, UK, Europe, Turkey and the USA but through our professional network, we have decades of Sourcing and Manufacturing expertise, stretching across a wide variety of industries and product groups. We can help with:

New Product Development

With several decades of experience developing products in Asia and Europe, we offer a comprehensive NPD service from Design, all the way through to Finished Production, with our aim being to accelerate the time to market at a competitive price.

Intellectual Property Protection (IP)

As not only a company but also as individuals, we know and understand the ways in which to assist you when it comes to IP protection. Although working and protecting your product’s IP in China is not as daunting as it once was, it is still not entirely straight forward. However, we are there to assist you by ensuring someone is on the ground monitoring, qualifying, and verifying, which will reduce your risk together with the correct legal documentation. Still, China works on relationships built from integrity and trust, which can be far more important, powerful, and impactful than the legal system. We are here to protect you.

Product Quality

Quality First – that’s our motto. Spend a little extra time at the beginning of a project ensuring quality is built into both the system and product. By doing this you will save weeks, even months further down the line as well as reducing quality costs. With our experience, we can help and guide you through the process.

Speed to Market

By developing clear client goals, (Must Haves and Wants), we identify the “best fit” suppliers for our clients. If it is a new supplier, we will strive to build an excellent customer supplier relationship and work in a way to develop trust and mutual understanding. Something many outsourcing consultancies understand but often ignore, only focusing on delighting their client at the expense of the manufacturer.

Manufacturing Efficiency

It is “horses for courses”. What is a good fit for your company or product might not be a good fit for another. Using extra labour might be more practical and efficient compared to investing in new equipment.

We can help with root cause analysis, identify and eliminating bottlenecks. Work with manufacturers to increase efficiency, reduce lead times and increase margin, all with the aim of offering our clients cost reductions as well as accelerating time to market.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of our business, they form part of our core values. We also aim to work with clients and suppliers that share our values. Experience shows that honesty and integrity are prerequisites for a good, long-lasting business partnership. They develop trust and encourage transparency, essential for any successful working relationship.

Supplier and Product Sourcing

We will undertake a full sourcing exercise on your behalf, obtaining trading terms, turnover, location, manufacturing capability, cooperation, perceived customer service and more. A formal Comparison Report will be produced with recommendations. The smaller number of potential suppliers will then go through to the Request for Quotation (RFQ) process. Although price is always important, you will be able to compare price, expected quality and service levels as well as other criteria, but our advice will always be Quality First!

À-La-Carte Offering and Costs

Whether working with a start-up company or a multi-national business, we try to tailor costs to suit your specific needs. We will provide you with a proposal outlining our understanding of your pain points, Must Haves and Would Like criteria to achieve your vision of “what success looks like”. From this, we you can add and remove project activities to suit your requirements and budget.

Your Own Off-Site Outsourcing Department

We offer a no worry, hassle free, results-based service, allowing you to concentrate your talent and resources on what you do best – managing your business. If this sounds what you need then let’s chat.