A new business partnership delivering diverse business opportunities, accelerated project management and improved overseas communications for its clients has been launched in Yorkshire.

Idetek UK and Elite Sourcing and Manufacturing, (ES&M), have formed a strategic business alliance to assist their outsourcing clients to achieve the business diversification needed to successfully compete in today’s new manufacturing world. Both companies have established different international networks, which will offer clients significant and diverse benefits.

The two companies have different skill sets, knowledge, and experience, with Idetek UK specialising in sustainable business growth, investment consulting, international distribution, and franchising, with offices in Rotherham and Istanbul. The company has decades of experience in doing business in Turkey, the Middle East, and Europe. Elite Sourcing and Manufacturing focuses on product manufacturing, from product development to finished product and shipping, as well as IP protection, contract negotiation, and sourcing. The company has a team located in China, as well as decades of manufacturing knowledge and experience of doing business in China, South East Asia, and the USA.

The current economic outlook for companies, either wanting to do business internationally or already outsourcing product and services overseas, is to say the least challenging. Not only because of Covid-19 and Brexit but also the fear of the unknown.

With increased freight prices, trade wars, the introduction of tariffs, travel restrictions and sometimes poor communication, many companies have recently experienced problems or are reluctant to take a step into the unknown. Not only that, but raw materials like steel and plastic have surged to 5 – 10 year highs and show no sign of coming down in price.

The Idetek and ES&M partnership aims to assist businesses with their overseas outsourcing and overcome the points outlined above. With teams located strategically, communication, outsourcing, and distribution will not be an issue. With their knowledge and expertise wrapped into this partnership, each project will guarantee accelerated results, with projects executed efficiently to achieve cost savings and quality product for the client.

The relationship between the two companies will bring a new dynamic, offering businesses greater opportunities when undertaking overseas ventures, as well as delivering world beating competitive advantage to clients.

Any further information please email: info@idetek.co.uk or visit their website at www.idetek.co.uk
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Website: https://elitesourcingandmanufacturing.com/
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