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Elite Sourcing & Manufacturing Testimonials and Reviews

Customer service is one of the areas that really sets ES&M apart from the competition. Our mission is to be clear and honest about pricing, provide a prompt and efficient service, give high-quality advice, and above all help your business grow. We take great pride and care in every testimonial we receive. Take a read of some of our recent reviews from our clients.

Charles’ vast experience covers sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. With each factory visit, he will see details that others miss and ask the questions that others don’t even know to ask. He will tirelessly seek better materials, work with the factory to create better processes, and push for better timing and pricing all the while. He will reach, and exceed, your goals and expectations. Charles is indispensable.

Company Owner

Consumer Products

Charles’ reputation for innovative solutions has earned him the trust of entrepreneurs and business leaders of multi-national organisations as a strategic resource who gets things done.


Manufacturing & Distribution Business

Charles’ tenacity, sense of urgency, focus on a solution that works for both the client and the suppliers is second to none. Together with his unquestionable commitment, attention to detail, determination, sense of fair play and openness, he is able to provide clear, accurate and honest assessments. Sometimes the assessment is not what people want to hear but they appreciate and respect his honesty and judgement. His communication, whether simple clear bullet points in an email or tackling an issue directly by telephone has reminded us all how effective and fast direct verbal communication is compared to email.

I know few senior managers who are willing and have the necessary in-depth practical knowledge to analyse a problem on the shop floor and then by using his hands-on approach show the team how to correct the problem.


Product Designer